Luiz Antônio de Souza, former Master in Finance' student, shared his experience to Financial Times.

Segunda, Dezembro 23, 2019 - 12:41

Luiz Antônio de Souza Brazilian
Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics; master in finance, graduated 2018; business developer, investor relations, and market intelligence; Santiago, Chile

Why did you want to study in Europe?
We have a myth in Brazil that everything happens in Europe and the US; it was important for me to go abroad to know how business has developed in different countries and understand other points of view. I did my undergraduate degree in Brazil and although we have the same language as Portugal, there were big differences in how we studied. In Brazil, we focus mostly on theory, not on ways to make business better; in Portugal, it was a more practical approach. The cultural impact was also important. The way young people think about business is so different: Europeans are more open-minded, perhaps they take more risks. I was sure that when I came back to Latin America, doors would open, and they did indeed. After the course, I came to Chile because my wife got a job here, and I found a job in a consultancy — having the masters made a huge difference.

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