Operations Management

6 ECTs / Semester / Inglês

This course provides a basic comprehension of the OM within an organization. Operations are analysed from a strategic and operational perspective, focusing on the competitive advantage that they can create in organizations. Thus, students are provided with concepts, techniques and tools to design, analyse and improve operational capabilities of an organization.

Pré-requisitos: Introdução à Gestão & Matemática II

International Undergraduate Program: Foundation of Management & Optimization and Probability


Professor Auxiliar
Joren Gijsbrechts é professor assistente em Gestão de Operações. Detém uma licenciatura e um mestrado em Business Engineering da Universidade de Antuérpia, na…
Professor Auxiliar
Laura Wagner is an assistant professor in Operations Management. She obtained her Bachelor and Master in Mechanical Engineering and Economics (Dipl.Ing) at…