Applied Economics

6 ECTs / Semester / Inglês

The course shows how analytical tools and data can be used by economists to address economic issues, including inequality, economic growth and innovation, and economic crises. Students will learn how to use economic analysis to reach reasoned conclusions about the drivers of these issues and the keys to anticipating, preventing, and managing disruptions. The course will explore how economics is used in professional, policy, and research settings. It will help students interpret economic news and economic data at a much deeper level while also forming their own opinions on economic issues and policy responses.

Prerequisite: NA


Anna Bernard é Professora Auxiliar desde 2021 e é a vice-diretora do Centro de Investigação PROSPER. Detém um doutoramento em Economia da Paris School of…
Professor Associado
Joana Silva é Professora Associada na CATÓLICA-LISBON desde 2019. A sua investigação foca-se na microeconomia aplicada, com particular ênfase em…