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Welcome Note

Congratulations on joining the International MSc in Management program at CATÓLICA-LISBON!

Kyryl Lakishyk - Academic Director, MSc Programs in Management
Kyryl Lakishyk - Academic Director, MSc Programs in Management

You have been admitted to the program because of your academic record and prior experience, and your desire to acquire a strong foundation in management training, to complement your undergraduate education.

Please note that your study plan consists of several complementary parts, all intended to enrich your academic learning and increase your personal and professional development over the program.

  • A foundation of courses provides a balanced perspective on business. These cover the most important areas of business, and are mandatory for all students;
  • You also have the opportunity to take one or more electives courses, which allow you to explore specific areas in more depth;
  • Students are also expected to develop their leadership and other soft skills through Career Accelerator Lab activities, and to prepare for their career search through Career Development Office activities, including workshops, seminars, and Career Accelerator Programs. These have been designed to develop the competencies that organizations most seek in new graduates, including communication and negotiation skills, decision making and critical thinking, and emotional intelligence and managing oneself;
  • Finally, as you approach the end of your program and are ready to begin work on your thesis, the two-session Research Methodologies Workshop will prepare you to select and begin research on a thesis topic. To complete the workshop you will also be a research participant in four (one-hour) sessions in our LERNE behavioral laboratory, to experience different research approaches first hand and contribute to the world-class research culture and performance at CATÓLICA-LISBON.

The MSc in Business is a challenging program, with a busy and full timetable, that will prepare you for a variety of careers in business and eventual management roles. As many of the areas and required skills will be new for you, given your diverse backgrounds in areas other than management, you will need to manage your time well and set aside plenty of time to immerse yourself in areas arranging from accounting and economics to strategy and marketing.

Bring your hard work and enthusiasm to all aspects of your degree experience, and you will be rewarded – personally, academically, and professionally