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Other places to visit



This historical town in the Alentejo is a Unesco World Heritage site. This town is famous for its medieval architecture, the walls surrounding the center, the cobbled streets, narrow alleys and big mansions. Although it often overrun with tourists, it is worth a visit.


Mainly known for its surfing opportunities. The population of this town, positioned in the southwestern tip of Portugal, is only 2500. Its beauty derives from the ancient cliffs that define the coast. 




This historical town in a valley nestled in the green Sintra Mountains used to be the home to the Portuguese king, and boasts the best examples of romantic architecture in Portugal. The mountainsides have many large manor houses and properties where Portugal's rich and famous hide away. Sintra is not only famous for its mountains; the coast where the surfing world championships are hosted attracts a lot of national and international visitors too. 


This used to be an iconic fisherman's village, and is now a beautiful and traditional town. Although the tourism industry has largely taken over, you can still find places which maintain the original village's charm. It is a lovely place to visit when it's sunny, as the bay is stunningly beautiful.




Very close to Cascais - in fact, only ten minutes away on foot - this is the place where Portugal's jet set have their houses. Estoril is famous for being the home to one of Europe's biggest casinos.


Another small medieval town in Portugal, Óbidos is one of the country's most beautiful historical attractions, and the venue of the Christmas Town festival (‘Vila Natal'), in December, and the chocolate festival, in March.




This is the biggest University City in Portugal. The city's university dates back to the 13th Century and its beautiful, historical and eclectic architecture makes it one of the 7 wonders of Portugal. The city is also famous for being the death place of the first Portuguese king - Afonso Henriques.


The second largest city in Portugal, Porto has a completely different charm and culture from the rest of the country. Another World Heritage Site, this riverside city is home to beautiful and ancient architecture.




One of the most beautiful and untouched mountain ranges in Portugal, and practically undiscovered by tourism. Bit by bit, the accommodation supply is beginning to meet the demand of travelers who are lucky enough to explore these protected woodlands that are home to some unique species of animals and plants.