Academic Papers

“Trust in state capacity and support for redistribution"

Bernard, A., Morgandi, M., Levin, V., Silva, J. (2021)

“The Effect of Firm Heterogeneity on Earnings Inequality Dynamics"

Silva, J., Espiga, F. (2021)

“In or Out? Crowding Effects in Public Goods with Private Gifts: Evidence from Crowdfunding”

​Bernard, A., Gazel, M. (2021) 

“Twenty years of wage inequality in Latin America"

Silva, J. and Messina, J. (2020) 

World Bank Economic Review, 35(1), 117-147, 2021

“Changes in the minimum wage: Distributional effects in good and in bad times”

​Silva, J., Teixeira, T. (2021) 

"The Effects of Welfare Programs on Formal Labor Markets: Evidence from Conditional Cash Transfers in Brazil"

​Gerard, F., Naritomi, J., Silva, J., T. (2021) 

Technical Reports

"Who Will Bear the Costs of the Covid 19 Crisis? Analysis of Jobs at Risk in Portugal" 

Silva, J., Gaspar, M., Fernandes, P., Kouhen, K. And Leitao, M. (2020)

“The Impact of Covid-19 on Poverty and Inequality in Portugal and the Cushioning Effect of Policies”

Silva, J., Bernard, A., Espiga, F. , Gaspar, M. (2021)