Pedro Afonso Fernandes has a PhD in Urban Planning from Lusófona University, a MSc in Urban and Regional Planning from Technical University of Lisbon and a MSc in Economics from NOVA School of Business and Economics. Throughout a career of about 25 years, he participated in more than 200 studies and consulting services in several thematic areas, namely, Evaluation and Impact Assessment, Urban Economics and Planning, Regional and Rural Development, Forecasting and Econometrics. Therefore, he has an important experience in scientific computing and data analysis tools such as R, C, Stata, MatLab, SPSS, Gretl, QGIS, DepthmapX or Prolog. Since 2013, Pedro Afonso Fernandes is Senior Economist at NECEP – Católica Lisbon Forecasting Lab and Postdoctoral Research Fellow at CUBE – Católica Lisbon Research Unit. His research interests cross Economics with Data Analysis, Computational Methods and Urban Planning.