Jingxian Yao

Assistant Professor

Jingxian Yao received his Ph.D. in Management at the National University of Singapore and B.Sc. in Psychology at Zhejiang University. He is currently an assistant professor at Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics, specializing in the area of organizational behavior and human resources management. Jingxian’s research interests include extra-role behaviors, workplace interpersonal relationships, and health-related behaviors, examining how employees’ behaviors beyond core task duties affect themselves and their organization. He is also interested in the interfaces between work and family domains, illustrating how attitudes and behaviors in the work domain spillover to the family domain and vice versa. His research has focused on a variety of public and private sectors, including education, healthcare, professional services, and architecture design. Jingxian received the Best Paper Award at the 2019 Asia Academy of Management Conference and the Kwok Leung Memorial Dissertation Award by the International Association for Chinese Management Research.