António Borges de Assunção

Assistant Professor (Adjunct)

António Borges de Assunção has a twenty one year career in the financial services industry in Portugal, having started in the Pension Fund Management area (1987-1990), enlarging his scope of activity to investment banking (1988-2005) with direct management responsibilities in Corporate Finance (1991-2005) and periodic Board Management positions in Securities Brokerage Services (1991-1996) and Asset Management (1991-1996). His current professional activity is carried out as a Member of the Board of Directors of BPI Gestão de Activos (since 2005) and of BPI Vida and BPI Pensões (since 2007).

He has taught various finance and management related courses both in Portugal (Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Universidade Católica) and in the USA (Wharton School).