Trainees from the CTT Group “lift off” in CATÓLICA-LISBON’s Bootcamp

Friday, September 27, 2019 - 12:35

Last June, it was in the CTT’s facilities, at the MARL, that a bootcamp action took place, promoted by CATÓLICA-LISBON's Executive Education, through the Custom Programs, and under the coordination of Professor Joana Santos Silva.

The Bootcamp, also aka “Flight Simulator”, is part of an executive education program designed specifically for the CTT Group's high flyers, had its kick off back in February. This program lasted a total of 95.5 hours, covered State of the Art topics in today’s Business Management and culminated with a Bootcamp. This challenge consisted of 20 hours straight in business management, and was described by the participants as being a “dynamic creative” action, “innovative and unforgettable”. Participants were able to experience a 'crisis management' challenge, in which a cyber-attack on the CTT Group was simulated.

In addition to having to think and create a responsive solution embedded in the company's strategic objectives, the participants were able to interact with various inspirational actions that occurred within the 20 hours in which the challenge took place.

Regarding the program’s objectives, Joana Santos Silva states that “participants are meant to understand concepts, but above all, to develop skills that enables the CTT Group to have an improved performance in the continuous pursuit of customers’ unmet needs. Lastly, the program will provide the foundation for the new generation of CTT Group leaders.”

With a sense of “mission accomplished”, participants described the program as “designed to make us think and consolidate knowledge”.

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