SIT Impact Bootcamp 2019

Thursday, May 30, 2019 - 17:39

The 4th edition of SIT Impact Bootcamp started yesterday, 28th May. This training program is a partnership between the European Investment Bank Institute and CATÓLICA-LISBON | Executive Education, gathering finalists from social startups of the Social Innovation Tournament previous editions. The participants’ will have the opportunity to develop their "scaling plans" in a Workshop lectured by Professor Filipe Santos.

Empowering the city as an active part of the social entrepreneurship ecosystem, the first part of the program was held at IRIS, the Regional Incubator for Social Innovation, which was born within the framework of the partnership between the EIB Institute and Amarante’s City Council.

The City's representative André Magalhães, responsible for the Entrepreneurship and Innovation areas, and Tiago Ferreira, Executive Director of Invest Amarante were the hosts, welcoming 28 social entrepreneurs with projects from 7 European countries, in Dolmen, contributing for the first great networking moment of the SIT Impact Bootcamp, that will continue in October, at CATÓLICA-LISBON.


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