Professor Jacinto Nunes Award

Tuesday, December 10, 2019 - 09:35

Every year, the Banco de Portugal awards the Professor Jacinto Nunes prize to the best student of the Economics degree from several Portuguese Universities. The Banco de Portugal is an institution of reference and Professor Jacinto Nunes is one of the biggest and most inspiring names in economics and finance in the country. Therefore, this award was an honor for me and the perfect culmination of the last three years of hard work.

At the award ceremony, we had the opportunity to question the Governor. Before that, a visit to the Carregado Complex had been organized, where, with colleagues from other universities, I could see a vault and gold reserves.

The prize is also a reflection of the excellent conditions offered by CATÓLICA-LISBON, the teachers, the collaborators, my colleagues, and a incentive to continue studying.


Madalena Gaspar, winner of the Jacinto Nunes Award.

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