My First Job Experience @CATÓLICA-LISBON

Friday, June 29, 2018 - 17:37

For one week, CATÓLICA-LISBON "recruited" two students from the 10th year of Valsassina College, under the initiative My First Job Experience.

The challenge was to be part of the daily life of a School of Business & Economics, which is among the most prominent in Europe, allowing them to participate actively in multiple activities of the various departments of our school.

In order to make this experience unique and unforgettable for both high school students, Ana and Inês explored six very different departments with multi-faceted teams aligned with a common goal: to train excellent professionals and to provide a differentiating learning environment.

As soon as they arrived at our college, the students received a general framework on the internal functioning: facilities, services, staff, teachers, students, among others. For Inês, the most important of this experience was "to perceive the processes of the school in its various aspects", an objective that, according to her, was fulfilled.

In just one week, these students integrated the Institutional Marketing, Executive Education Marketing, Student Affairs, Marketing and Admissions teams for undergraduate and master students, the Career Development Office and the Alumni Office.

"The incredible commitment of the undergraduate and master's degree team is one of the most differentiating factors of CATÓLICA-LISBON compared to other universities, because we feel that people are genuinely concerned about our well-being and that they do the possible and the impossible" , emphasizes Inês who aspires to come to work in marketing one day.

Ana also expressed curiosity and interest: "The part I liked the most was undoubtedly when we talked about social networks," she said, surprised by the digital universe.

"It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life ... I recommend this experience to people with strong communication skills, prepared to always run from one department to another and to retain a lot of information," Inês points out.

My First Job Experience was clearly a very positive challenge for CATÓLICA-LISBON, because it is always rewarding to be aware of the opinions of the young people who may one day be sitting in our rooms working towards a future of excellence.

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