Late July, the Center for Responsible Business & Leadership held the Mental Health in the Workplace Summit. The event, held physically at the CATÓLICA-LISBON campus, gathered almost 400 participants and could not have been a huger success.

During the two days of the event:

- Filipa Pires de Almeida and José Sintra shared the results of the research note "Mental Health in the Workplace: a State of Art and Guidelines for Action", a collaboration between the Center and VdA - Vieira de Almeida. You can access it here.

- Participants were honored with the presence of Maria de Fátima Fonseca, the Secretary of State for Health.

- Three round tables were held to discuss highly relevant topics surrounding mental health, such as: 

  • The State of Art of Mental Health in Organizations: in Portugal and the World
  • The promotion of mental health at the workplace and psychosocial risk management
  • Well Being as a Strategy: Building a Business Case for Action.


We thanks all the speakers that share their insights and knowledges surrounding those themes: Ana Caiola, Ana Isabel Sousa, Anabela Figueiredo, Carla Barros, Eduardo Caria, Gustavo Jesus, Inês Costa Pimentel, Jaime Ferreira da Silva, Katia Almeida, Liliana Dias, Mariana Branquinho da Fonseca and Susana Rodrigues.

We also had the opportunity to learn more about good practices and innovative projects in this field. We are grateful to Cristina Alves, Hugo Alexandre Ferreira, Mariana Ribeiro Ferreira, Martim Krupenski, Poppy Jaman, Rita Rendeiro and Sandro Resende for sharing their experience with us!

We also welcomed Misha Byrne, our international keynote speaker, who inspired us with his talk on "From surviving back to thriving: the challenge and opportunity ahead of us"

We also heard a strong and emotional personal testimony to break the stigma around these topics, from João Vieira de Almeida

And, finally, the CRB launched a challenge to organizations to join a Pact for Mental Health in Organizations, whose content and model will be communicated soon. Stay tuned!

We thanks our partners (GRACE - Empresas Responsáveis, VdA - Vieira de Almeida, and Multipublicações Media Group) and sponsors (Grupo Ageas Portugal, Arrow Global Group, bp e NOVO BANCO) for supporting our efforts in creating this event for ensuring the advancement of this topic.

We also thank all the participants that joined our event and created such an incredible atmosphere. We thank you for believing this topic is one of the most relevant today, but more than that, for taking the initiative and acting to take steps, together, to accelerate the search for effective and sustainable solutions.

“Action is the true fruit of knowledge” - Thomas Fuller

Have a great and impactful week!

Natalia Cantarino
Center for Responsible Business & Leadership

This article refers to edition #152 of the "Have a Great and Impactful Week" Newsletter and covers SDG 3, 8, and 17.
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