The issue of professional equality between men and women has been on the corporate agenda for at least three decades. This is still one of the most relevant social issues to be addressed, especially when it comes to leadership. In my mind, more women in executive positions is synonymous of a better world – nothing less than that.

As I wrote in a recent article “I am, always have been, and will hardly stop being, an advocate of greater corporate power for women – I have no doubt that their qualities and skills add a lot to an organization. Their fantastic time management, greater sensitivity to people matters, a significant concern with most stakeholders and especially with the environment, their tendency to privilege cooperation vs. conflict, and the absence of "personal agendas" makes the female a professional group very well prepared to lead. Obviously, much of this is stereotyping: there are good and bad examples on both sides of the "trench," but in general terms, I have no doubt that much of what I write can be easily proven. At least experience has taught me that”.

According to a recent study in an article from HBR where thousands of 360º reviews were analysed, women outscored men on 17 of the 19 capabilities that differentiate excellent leaders from average or poor leaders. Here’s the table: 

It must be part of any “Responsible Business” to ensure that the processes are in place to allow for more women to reach the top. Everything starts with recruitment, followed by promotions, development, and succession plans, promoting them to the C-Suite is just the final and logic part of the process. The talent is there but it will not happen without a process.

Where is your Company on this journey?

Have a great and impactful week!

Nuno Moreira da Cruz 
Executive Director
Center for Responsible Business & Leadership

This article refers to edition #137 of the "Have a Great and Impactful Week" Newsletter and covers SDG 9 and 12.
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