It’s Christmas, and in every corner of our world there are dreams and desires that people wish would come true. Lots of persons would like to write down their desires and send a list to Santa Claus, with faith that such hopes materialize. Us, as representatives of a younger generation, have wishes to be achieved until 2030 in three important areas: environmental, social, and governance. If we could write down our own letter, we would start by: 

Dear Santa...

Regarding the environmental dimension, we wish that greenhouse gas emissions fall 45% by 2030, which is what is necessary to keep temperature rise below 1.5° C, according to the United Nations. 

We hope that the European Union’s target of reducing emissions, by at least 55% compared to 1990 levels, is achieved in 2030.

We wish that an equilibrium is reached between human actions and the conservation of the environment, where humankind and environment prosper together. For this to happen, we hope to witness more sustainable patterns of food production and consumption.

In 2030, we want more sustainable companies with positive impact on the environment. Companies that integrate into their strategy profitability and sustainability, namely environmental sustainability.

We wish that companies and consumers practice more responsible production and consumption.

Within the social dimension, there is a lot to be done.

We wish that in 2030 all companies worldwide protect human rights and labor relations within the entire supply chain. 

We wish for diversity and inclusion through policies that prevent discrimination and promote a positive working culture. 

We want gender-diverse boards and greater female leadership.

We wish for fair pay and more education. 

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, flexible working hours make sense now more than ever and in 2030 we hope such will not be different. 

In 2030, we want companies to continue interacting with local businesses, charities and causes.

We would like all companies worldwide to tackle social concerns and promote social equity and equality.

In governance matters, we hope for a society where all four spheres of governance – governments, citizens, societies, and businesses - are aligned in the process of decision making for the best of People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership (5P).

We do not want, as the economist Kate Raworth said, “an economy addicted to endless growth”. We want for the years that follow a break in corruption and injustice and we wish for more responsibility for the actions with the support of more diverse actors in the decision-making process, granting fairer policies that allow more harmony and humanity. We believe in a better measure of the welfare and a better accountability of our planet Earth’s resources.  

We wish effective results, transparency and our concerns and aspirations to be heard for a successful and sustainable future.

We have these ambitions for the environmental, social and governance dimensions. In 2030, we wish the Planet to thrive, and we want to be part of the generation where no one is left behind and where education allow us to push everyone to become part of the society.

With all this being said, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy sustainable future.

Have a great and impactful week!

Andreia Borges, Mariana Santos and Marta Sousa Coutinho
Center for Responsible Business & Leadership

This article refers to edition #170 of the "Have a Great and Impactful Week" Newsletter and covers SDG 1 to 17.
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