Digital conference | What do Business Analysts really do?

Tuesday, February 16, 2021 - 12:49

Consider the companies you interact with every day. Google, Instagram, Uber, Amazon. The corporate giants of the 21st century have one thing in common – they are data-driven enterprises. Their business decisions, both small and big, are fueled by data science and analytics.

An increasing number of companies across all economic sectors are also learning how to use data to their advantage.

In the past decade, demand for analytical-minded and data-skilled job candidates soared. However, the high demand is still unmatched by the supply of adequately trained graduates, resulting in competitive salaries and professional growth for those who are now entering the field.

If you have a curious and analytical mind and an undergraduate degree in a quantitative field, the MSc in Business Analytics may be the right degree for you. At CATÓLICA-LISBON, you will attend one of the most recognized universities in Europe in the center of Lisbon's vibrant city and take classes from leading experts in the field of analytics and data science. Our MSc in Business Analytics will prepare you for the "sexiest job of the 21st century" and to better navigate and contribute to the data-driven economy and society of today.

Discover more about what do Business Analysts really do at our digital conference:

A Catolica Alumna experience at Google New York
February 25th | 6 pm (GMT)
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