CATÓLICA-LISBON researchers meet world’s scholars in Boston for the Academy of Management meeting

Monday, September 2, 2019 - 13:41

This August, CATÓLICA-LISBON was well-represented at the Academy of Management’s Annual Meeting, held in Boston, Massachusetts. A dozen of our faculty members and researchers headed across the Atlantic to Boston to participate in the largest and most prestigious gathering of management scholars, with more than 11,000 participants from all over the world. 

The 79th Academy of Management meeting had as its theme “Understanding the Inclusive Organization”, an important area of research addressed within the CUBE research community, especially in the area of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management, including work by Director of the CUBE research unit, David Patient

David Patient put together a Professional Development workshop to reach out to the increasingly international (and non-North American) membership of the Academy, entitled “Thinking of a Position Outside the US? Dos and Don’ts of International Business Schools”. The workshop was one of several internationally-themed workshops offered by the Organizational Behavior division - the Academy’s largest, with more than 6,000 members, through its Global Committee, founded by David in 2014. 

David Patient’s presence at the Academy of Management’s annual meeting this year also meant his last participation in meetings for the Academy’s Board of Governors, now that his elected three-year term on the 15 member Board is coming to an end. In particular, David will look back on his work for the Board’s Specialized Conference Committee as a unique opportunity to make a difference, especially in terms of internationalizing the organization and adapting its services to international members. 

“Already the committee has organized conferences in Surrey, UK and in Tel Aviv Israel, the first Academy conferences outside of North America, in its almost 80-year history. Upcoming events in Slovenia and Mexico are being finalized, with talks underway to bring Academy conferences even further afield”, David explained. “Perhaps Korea, Taiwan, or India, will be next, or somewhere else where we can offer a different experience to our members, consistent with the quality that they have grown to expect from the Academy. Let’s see!”

Céline Abecassis-Moedas, Dean for Executive Education at CATÓLICA-LISBON, not only was an invited panelist in David Patient’s Professional Development Workshop, but also co-organized one with CATÓLICA visiting researcher Lucy Gilson, entitled “Moving Up the Academic Ladder: It’s Time for More Women Full Professors”

Post-doctoral fellow Christina Bidmon and René Bohnsack, Assistant Professor for Strategy and Innovation, won a Best Paper Award together. René was excited to present three papers “on digital path dependence, business model innovation, and the changing minds of CEOs in the German car industry”. It was this a paper on this last topic that earned the Best Paper award from the Organizations and Natural Environment (ONE) Division of the Academy. Christina also used the conference to invite and connect with possible participants in the GRONEN 2020 conference on sustainability in the digital age that will be hosted by CATÓLICA-LISBON in June 2020. 

Also at this year's Academy of Management Annual Meeting, CATÓLICA-LISBON’s Francesco Sguera was the recipient of a Best Scholarly Paper Award from the MSR division for the paper “A Roadmap for State Mindfulness Research”, equally authored by Francesco Sguera and two former CATÓLICA-LISBON researchers, Andrew Hafenbrack and Samantha Sim. 

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