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The MSc in Finance aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice with a hands-on approach, provided by our innovative courses and top professors and will provide the creation of strong network connections with your peers and industry experts.

This is a flexible program in Finance, allowing you to tailor our offerings of electives and dissertation seminars to your specific goals mostly in the chosen specialization.

The program systematically has great success placing students in the job market.

Students will have the possibility to choose one of two specializations available:


Specialization in Corporate Finance

The specialization is designed to jump-start you into a career in Corporate Finance, preparing you for positions related to Mergers & Acquisitions, Finance Departments, Investment Banks, and Retail Companies, among others.

Specialization in Financial Markets

The specialization is specially tailored to jump-start your career in Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, and Private Equity firms, among others. It offers courses that will give you an ample view of several topics in finance, and specialized courses and dissertation seminars that provide a hands-on approach to financial markets.



*Personal access to Refinitiv-Eikon anywhere you want.

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