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0,5h Program Opening
7h Taxation in Portugal of International Operations on IRS, IRC, and VAT
3h Introduction to International Taxation: BEPS and the EU one and the same direction?
7h Remuneration Policies for Displaced Employees
7h Double Taxation Conventions and European Tax Law
7h International Financing Operations
7h International Restructuring Operations
10,5h Design and Conception of International Structures in a Fiscal Perspective
3h Current and Trending Topics on International Taxation

Orador internacional convidado

3,5h Guarantees For Taxpayers: Arbitration and Friendly Procedures


Executive Education - Open Programs

Patrícia Rodrigues


Phone: (+351) 217 214 220




Rita Montalvão

Coordenadora RSA LP – Algarve
Programa de Fiscalidade Internacional
"Undoubtedly an added value, in terms of academic training, with practical repercussions on our professional life for the future. For me, it has been a tool that has proved very useful in my day-to-day work (...)"