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Program Description

CATÓLICA-LISBON has distinguished in sharing the principles and tools that allow managers to potentiate success in key-moments of decision making. A strong technical competence is still an essencial condition of success in the volatile and complex context in which we live, it is however unsufficient. Simultaneously the need to dominate personal complementary skills is growing. These skills allow a more effective action adapted to an always changing reality - individually and in working with other people.

Always looking to innovate and add value for the program participants while keeping up with the global tendency of post-graduated training in Management, CATÓLICA-LISBON has decided to enrich the experience of learning by broadening the used methods to facilitate the transfering of acquired tools to the day-to-day work issues. This allows for a more rich and integrated application of knowledge.

What is a Learning Group?

A Learning Group is an action-learning, innovative and customized methodology, that tries to meet the expectations of participants of permanently improving and developing skills.  By creating the conditions that will allow every user to find new ways of seeing themselves, seeing others, and their own surroundings: a broader perspective of every situation, a better understanding of the complex challenges that usually don't have a correct answer, the chance to review and explore action options and of learning with the implemented actions between sessions.

In a Learning Group, a group of 6 to 8 participants will meet periodically to support each participant to achieve their personal learning goals. The group sessions are moderated by a coach and learning happens through information and experience sharing, and the interaction achieved during that sharing of information. 

What are the advantages of participating in a Learning Group?

  • Broadening the comprehension of your challenges and your action possibilities, by presenting your problem to the group and sharing questions, feedback and sugestions, benefiting from discussing your challenge with your pairs;
  • Actively resolving your specific challenges, by discussing the aplication on knowledge in a cocrete way, putting them into action between sessions and reflecting about their progress in the following session;
  • Strengthen your interpersonal and leadership competences - research shows us that the participants in Learning Groups develop a ability to question, listen, empathize and express themselves in a clearer and more direct way being more apt to make complex decisions.

What are the best challenges for a Learning Group?

Each participant will define an objective for self-development in the program, considering the following criteria:

  • It's something important for you and you wish to work on it;
  • It might positively impact on the people that surround you;
  • You feel that there is room for improvement;
  • It is a change about you: how you feel, think and act.

Example of objectives that you might work on by participating in Learning Groups:

  • Being able to engage in a more effective way other people from whose work you depend;
  • Being able to create more effective relationships with your leaders and pairs;
  • Creating a more cooperative environment in your work group;
  • Establishing more positive relationships with your team;
  • Improving your ability to manage time and priorities;
  • Being able to balance your work and personal life in a better way;
  • Managing your carrier and developing internal and external networking;
  • Delegating and achieving results through other people;
  • Creating and managing a considerable change;
  • Managing relationships with multiple stakeholders.

How does a Learning Group work?

Learning Group sessions will be moderated by a coach and the participants (6 to 8) will be responsible for presenting the challenges they consider more relevant for their professional performance.

Participants will be grouped in a way that tries to balance common interests and experience. Several timetables will be available but only the ones fitting the largest number of participants will take place.

We also offer a personalized program for specific company groups.