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The Ordem dos Nutricionistas understands that training and upgrading are key factors for the improvement of professional practice, being the knowledge gained in management crucial and transversal to a various number of actuation areas of Nutritionists and Dietitians. The GESNUTRI, in addition to issues of high interest, has a teaching staff with distinguished recognition, nationally and internationally, characterized by professional excellence, high accuracy and solid knowledge in the areas it seeks to address. I hope an excellent and fruitful course for members of the Ordem dos Nutricionistas who sign up.

Alexandra Bento
President of the Ordem dos Nutricionistas


At Trivalor we believe that people are the most valuable resource of an organization so we need to focus on its continuous training. The partnership with CATÓLICA-LISBON will allow us to train our technical board in key areas, important in managing successful teams and services of excellence, oriented for the need of our clients.

Sónia Mendes
Director of Quality, Environment and Security
Trivalor (SGPS)


Executive Education - Open Programs

Andreia Hidalgo


Phone: (+351) 214 269 846




Ana Rita Lopes

Unidade de Dietética e Nutrição, Lusíada Saúde
Programa Integrado de Gestão para Nutricionistas
"The experience was very enriching."