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Cymron Bancil

Capital Markets Director, Banco Atlântico
Fixed Income Profiles and Strategies: A Deeper Analysis

This programme is a rare commodity in that it is taught by an ex-market practitioner with years of experience in the Fixed Income Market, a far cry from the purely academic courses usually on offer. Through structured learning, participants have the oppotunity to put theory into practice, expressing market views in the creation of a virtual portfolio, and thus enabling the tuning of skills in valuation and risk management, specifically within the new post crisis reality that we now live in.



Francisco Ferreira

Head of Financial Institutions
Banco Privado ATLANTICO Europa
Fixed Income Profiles and Strategies: A Deeper Analysis

As a concentrated compendium of useful tools for proper risk management, it presents a predominantly practical approach that seeks to deepen knowledge in the management of credit portfolios. Through analysis of complex investment strategies develops the ability to fit the acquired skills to the existing market conditions in each moment.

Luís de Sousa

Head of Santander Global Banking & Markets UK
Fixed Income Profiles and Strategies: A Deeper Analysis

This course is utterly essential for those who have to manage or control the dynamics of fixed income instruments, especially in a moment where the market is suffering the biggest technological change in the valuation of these instruments since derivatives were created, mostly due to the growing importance of the liquidity and credit risk elements. 

Nuno Coelho

Portfolio Manager
Fixed Income Profiles and Strategies: A Deeper Analysis

The program is an extremely useful tool to understand recent developments in the fixed-income market, providing unparalleled learning in Portugal coordinated by a professional of excellence with many years of experience in the field. By merging theoretical concepts with a more practical and applied approach, by building a simulated portfolio, the program is essential to prepare us on how to behave with the new global context and to overcome the growing challenges of the sector.

Sónia Oliveira

Direção Financeira e Estruturação
Caixa - Banco de Investimento
Fixed Income Profiles and Strategies: A Deeper Analysis

Num mundo em constante transformação, temos que estar cada vez mais atentos à nossa envolvente nas suas diferentes vertentes. O programa Fixed Income destaca-se pelo seu carácter diferenciador e inovador, e assenta num grupo de docentes que realmente nos estimula e que constantemente nos desafia. O equilíbrio entre a parte académica, que nos permite estar a par dos mais recentes conceitos e a vertente prática, com a criação e modelização de estratégias de trading atuais e inovadoras, permitiu-me reavivar conceitos, aprofundar e consolidar domínios já adquiridos, reforçando de uma forma global e consistente o meu conhecimento no âmbito do mercado de Renda Fixa.

Zoeb Sachee

Head of Euro Government Bond Trading, Citigroup
Fixed Income Profiles and Strategies: A Deeper Analysis

The challenge facing financial markets is unprecedented: it is time to think ‘outside the box' for solutions. The expertise required to manage businesses in today's financial sector requires a combination of academic skills and professional experience. The content of the course and profile of the speakers is highly relevant to the challenges that these businesses face today. 


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