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Professor David Patient will teach in English. However participants can communicate with him in Portuguese.


3,5h 1. Program Opening and Kick-off
3,5h 2. Leading Teams: Fundamentals
1h 3. Individual Development Plan: Individual Coaching Session
7h 4. Creating the Team
14h 5. Eliminating Barriers to the Efficiency of the Teams' Performance
1,5h 5a. Group Coaching: Eliminate Barriers on the Group's Performance
17,5h 6. Mobilizing the Team for Troubleshooting and Innovation
2,5h 7. Group Coaching and Closure: Sustaining the Individual and Team's Development


Executive Education - Open Programs

Andreia Hidalgo


Phone: (+351) 214 269 846




Sandra Duque

Coordenadora Geral de Compras
Volkswagen Autoeuropa
Energizing Teams for Performance: Liderar Pessoas para a Excelência
"I felt every day of the program an enthusiasm not common in me, thanks to this rich program (...) I can say that from now on I am an unconditional fan of this program and of Católica, an institution that lives up to the prestige it holds."