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Professor David Patient will teach in English. However participants can communicate with him in Portuguese.


3,5h 1. Program Opening and Kick-off
3,5h 2. Leading Teams: Fundamentals
1h 3. Individual Development Plan: Individual Coaching Session
7h 4. Creating the Team
14h 5. Eliminating Barriers to the Efficiency of the Teams' Performance
1,5h 5a. Group Coaching: Eliminate Barriers on the Group's Performance
17,5h 6. Mobilizing the Team for Troubleshooting and Innovation
2,5h 7. Group Coaching and Closure: Sustaining the Individual and Team's Development


Executive Education - Open Programs

Tânia Sousa


Phone: (+351) 217 227 801


Sérgio Lopes

Chefe de Vendas de Veículos Comerciais Pesados
Mercedes Benz, Comercial
Energizing Teams for Performance: Liderar Pessoas para a Excelência
"The knowledge of the teaching staff, the experiences, the commitment and the energy deposited in the real challenges of the participants were the engine of individual and collective achievement lived in this program."