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Pedro Celeste and Joana Santos Silva, Program Directors, detail the contents of the program:


Block I: Digital Marketing Strategy

1,5h Program Opening
3,5h Strategic Marketing Management and Communication
3,5h Understanding Consumer Behavior: Digital Challenges and Opportunities
3,5h Digital Marketing Cases
3,5h Business Models & Information Management
3,5h Workshop: Digital Marketing Insights
online Evaluation Moment - Block I Self Assessment

Block II: Digital Marketing Tools

3,5h Metrics in Digital Marketing
3,5h Mobile Marketing
3,5h Engagement & Conversation
3,5h E-Commerce: Tools and Challenges
3,5h Workshop: Digital Marketing Management
online Evaluation Moment - Block II Self Assessment

Block III: Digital Marketing Integration and Trends

3,5h Integrating Digital Marketing in Brand Strategy
3,5h Content & Performance Marketing

Catarina Pestana

3,5h Brand Activation and Social Network
online Evaluation Moment - Block III Self Assessment

Block IV

3,5h Workshop: Digital Marketing Practices

Guest Speakers

3,5h Group Work Presentation


Executive Education - Open Programs

Tânia Sousa


Phone: (+351) 217 227 801


Filipa Mesquita

Gestora de Produto
Programa de Gestão em Marketing Digital
"Excellent faculty, very current contents, topics discussed and debated assertively and concisely, makes the Digital Marketing Management Program one of the best programs I have ever attended."