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Token Purchase

The access to Online Academies workshops is managed through Learning Tokens. Each token grants access to one workshop, and all tokens are of equal value, with all workshops including a total of 4 hours of active learning time (total time a participant will dedicate to learning a skill).

Tokens can be redeemed directly on the Online Academies learning platform (Canvas). Access to Canvas will be provided to the Participant once the Participant completes their first Token purchase.

There are 3 options for purchasing Tokens:

  1. Single Token – one (1) Learning Token is added to the participant’s wallet.
  2. 4 Token Pack – Four (4) Learning Tokens are added to the participant’s wallet.
  3. Subscription Model – the participant purchases a subscription model, in which one (1) Learning Token will be added to their wallet each month. This token will always be billed on the same day of every month, and the participant may unsubscribe at any time.

Please select the model you wish to purchase:

Please note:

  • Tokens will only be available after the payment has been validated.
  • The receipt for purchase of Tokens will be sent within 5 working days.
  • Tokens don’t have an expiration date, and are redeemable whenever the Participant so chooses.