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Welcome to the Online Academies, a disruptive product launched by Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics which addresses the matter of lifelong learning – designed to promote a long-term relationship with professionals who wish to continuously develop their personal and professional skills.

This product leverages the distinctive factors of winning business models such as Netflix or Spotify, introducing the continuous, on-demand consumption model to the education sector – unlike Coursera or Udemy, which make all their content available only in video or reading formats, the Online Academies combine convenience with what Universities are best at: interaction with specialized Faculty and collaboration between Participants.

Digital Marketing”, ”People Core Skills”, “Digital Competencies & Innovation” e “Get Your Career in Gear” are the Online Academies that are already available. Each Online Academy works as an aggregator of workshops under a theme, and has more than 20 specialized workshops with topics that are current and highly relevant to management professionals.

Each workshop includes 4 hours of active learning time (total time a Participant dedicates to learning a skill), spread over multiple learning tools, such as live video sessions, multimedia content and practical application of concepts, individually or in groups, setup in such a way that it maximizes the transfer, application and retention of knowledge.

Throughout the year, new Online Academies will be launched, focused on themes that are critical for the continuous development of professionals.

What are the distinctive features of the Online Academies?
  • It is modularized training – each Participant will enroll only in the specific workshops that interest them, without having to subscribe to a program with sequential and mandatory modules.
  • It is convenient training – in addition to being remote by nature, avoiding traffic queues and making it easy to integrate into the Participants' days, live / synchronous sessions are predominantly taught at the end of business days.
  • It is practical training – each workshop focuses on preparing Participants for the immediate application of every concept that is covered, minimizing theory as much as possible, favoring methodologies for direct application, discussion and collaboration among Participants.
  • It is specialized training – the Instructors in each workshop are highly specialized in applying their topic in a professional context.

We believe that this model is perfectly suited for all Professionals seeking relevant knowledge, continuous development and distinctive features that will contribute to their success in the job market.

What is the value proposition of the Online Academies to their corporate partners?

In addition to the distinctive features highlighted above, Companies that intend to offer this training to their Employees will benefit from a product that covers their legal staff training obligations effortlessly and with high added value, allowing them to select the topics that interest them most from a list that has been pre-approved by each Company.