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EAWOP Small Group Meeting: Teamworking Virtually: Business as usual?

EAWOP Small Group Meeting
"Teamworking Virtually: Business as usual?"

CATÓLICA-LISBON - 22-24 July 2019

At Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics


Please register at this link if you have been previously in contact with the organizing committee members.


Download full program PDF here.

Monday, July 22nd

7PM | Dinner at Católica-Lisbon

Tuesday, July 23rd

9AM | Participants' reception

9.15AM | Welcome session

9.45AM | Keynote by Professor Lucy Gilson: "30 Years of Connectivity: Happy Birthday to the World Wide Web"

10.30AM | Coffee break

11AM | Conceptualizing and measuring virtuality
Lisa Handke, Florian E. Klonek, Thomas A. O'Neill, Sharon K. Parker & Simone Kauffeld
- "A Multi-level Model and Emergent State Perspective on team Virtuality"
Florian E. Klonek, Daniela Andrei, Caroline Knight & Sharon K. Parker - " A Work Design Perspective on Virtual Teamwork: Development and Validation of the Virtuality and Teamwork Demands Scale"
Patrícia Costa, Lucy Gilson, Ana M. PAssos & Thomas O’Neill - "What is new, if anything, in teamworking virtually?"

12.30PM | Lunch

1.45PM | Virtuality over time
Lisa Handke, Annika Meinecke & Simone Kauffelda - "Using Recurrence Quantification Analysis to Understand Adaptation Processes and Performance in Virtual Teams"
Martina Hartner-Tiefenthaler, Miriam Baumgaertner & Stephan Boehm - "Developing the full potential of flexible teams by addressing their members’ basic psychological needs
Jun Yang, Yonghong Liu & Vasyl Taras - "Motivation Consensus Emergence Over Time in Global Virtual Teams:  The Impact of Cultural Intelligence"
Thomas A. O’Neill, Matthew J. W. McLarnon, & Vasyl Taras - "Trajectories of Unhealthy Conflict in Global Virtual Teams"

3.45PM | Coffee Break

4.15PM | Affect and motivation
António Martinez, Patrícia Costa & Pedro Neves -
"Virtual teams' affect regulation and performance: a mix method study"
Nuria Gamero, Virginia Orengo, Juan Baltasar González de Anta, Vicente Peñarroja, Ana Zornoza, Isabel Dimas, I. & Marta Alves - "Virtual team emotional composition and group emotional intelligence: Their influence on members’ affective states and satisfaction with the team"
Isabel Dimas, Marta Alves, Paulo Renato Lourenço, Teresa Rebelo, Ana Zornoza, Virginia Orengo, & B. Moscon - "Emotion management and team performance: the mediating role of reflexivity in teams with some degree of virtuality"

5.45 PM | Dinner in Lisbon (optional, TBD)

Wednesday, July 24th

9.15AM | Keynote by Professor Conny Antoni: "Digitalization of work: changing requirements for team leadership, structure and collaboration"

10AM | Coffee Break

10.30AM | Leading virtually
Miriam Höddinghaus, Guido Hertel & Christoph Nohe -
"How does digitization change the impact of leadership? A systematic review on the relationship between virtuality, e-leadership, and follower outcomes"
Ana Margarida Graça & Patrícia Costa - "Leading virtually: Absence makes adaptation grow fonder?"
Margarete Boos & Stefan Klötzer - "Working in distributed teams – Need of a new concept of remote leadership?"
Rudolf Kerschreiter, Florian Schnitzler & Kathrin Heinitz - "Leaders' use of virtual communication technology moderates the effect of identity leadership on team performance"

12.30PM | Lunch

1.45PM | Communication: what, how and how much
Chia-Yu Kou-Barrett -
"Exchanging Expertise in Collocated and Distributed Project Teams"
Martijn Jungst, Julia Milner, Trenton Milner - "The moderating role of the degree of digital team communication in the relationship between social ties and performance over time"
Tim Manfred Götz - "Differing effects of work flexibility on health across virtual communication profiles – a person-centered approach"

3.30PM | Coffee break

4PM | Practice and Context
Travis Maynard, Lucy Gilson, William Kramer & Marissa Shuffler -
"Teaching Virtual Teamwork: An Experiential Activity with “Real-World” Lessons"
Julian Schulze - "Contextualized competencies for virtual teamwork: How research on virtual team competencies can benefit from symmetry principles and frames-of-reference"
Jennifer L. Gibbs, Julia Eisenberg, J. Nan Wilkenfeld - "The Role of Virtual Team Identification in Global Outsourcing Arrangements"

5.30PM | Concluding remarks & closure session

Organizing Committee

Patrícia Lopes Costa, UCP - Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, Lisbon, Portugal 
Pedro Marques-Quinteiro, ISPA - Instituto Universitário, Lisbon, Portugal
Catarina Marques Santos, Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Ana Margarida Graça, Henley Business School, University of Reading, United Kingdom
David L. Patient, UCP - Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, Lisbon, Portugal 
Ramón Rico, The University of Western Australia, Australia

Important information

Registration is by invite only.

Questions: Patrícia Lopes Costa