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Ethics & Social Enterprise

The Research Group on Ethics and Social Enterprise (ESE) is composed of four integrated faculty members. ESE members manage the Centre for Ethics, Business and Economics (CEBE) and the Chair in Social Entrepreneurship. In 2013-2017, ESE members authored 10 papers, including 4 in the two top Business Ethics journals, Journal of Business Ethics (JBE) and Business Ethics Quarterly (BEQ), and 3 papers in top organizations journals (Academy of Management Journal (3) and Strategic Management Journal). The research insights from ESE members are among the most cited in the growing field of management of social enterprises, and feed into innovative degree and executive courses on Ethics, Social Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship and Impact Investing, and into practitioner articles and materials.
ESE members focus on four related areas:

1. Ethical dilemmas faced by entrepreneurs and managers
2. How social enterprises can scale their social impact while maintaining financial stability
3. Social Innovation
4. Financing Impact

Faculty & Researchers


Title: Chair on Social Entrepreneurship at CATÓLICA-LISBON
Principal Investigator (PI): Filipe Santos
Funding: Private