History of Economic Thought - 1st Semester 2021-22

6 ECTs / Semester-Long Course / English

This course attempts a description of the evolution of the main references of economic theory. Starting in Antiquity, main stress will be placed on the classical and neoclassical schools, analyzing directly the main texts of the basic authors of the science, describing the evolution of Economic Theory. The method used will be oral exposition by the teacher, discussing some specific quotations from each of the books selected. It should be also said that this course is particularly boring and dangerous; boring because will be reading old books by dead people; dangerous because we will be learning wrong and outdated theories. Enter at your peril!!

Prerequisites: Yes (see syllabus)


Full Professor
João César das Neves, born in 1957, married, father of four, is full professor at CATÓLICA-LISBON. Currently President of the Ethics Commitee of CATÓLICA…