Applied Problem-Solving Techniques for Business Decision Making

Mário Morais / 3.5 ECTs / Trimester / English

The course aims to improve the students’ capacity to solve business problems with proven frameworks that combine logic thinking, problem-solving techniques and their business theory background.

The students will improve their capacity to deconstruct complex situations including numerical and conceptual of macro or micro scope. Simultaneously they will look at benchmarking at different levels being direct competitors or framing similar problems.

The course will also help students to understand prioritization and delegation when solving problems, focusing first on what is feasible and has the highest impact in business. As a consequence, students will develop a structured approach to problems, leading to feasible recommendations in appropriated time.

At the end of the course the students should be able to use the frameworks and mindset of problem solving for several situations such as interviews, starting their own companies, brainstorming about business or managing any role from top to bottom tiers of a SME or a multinational company.

The problem-solving course will enhance the performance of students by improving their efficiency in approaching any business situation and choosing or seeking the right frameworks to reach their objectives.

Prerequisites: NA