Some examples of the kind of topics covered:

keyboard_arrow_up Increasing your Self-Knowledge

If you are self-aware, if you know your strong points and points to be developed, your interests and motivations and how you relate to others, you will be much more successful in your career. It will make it easier for you to invest in the right skills, to identify opportunities that make sense for you and the type of leadership you identify most with.

keyboard_arrow_up Developing Personal Skills

Success is more than just getting good grades and having strong technical skills. Achieving a certain position and building a successful career implies mastering different personal skills. From the many ways of communicating to teamwork, creativity and much more, there is a wide range of skills that you can look into and begin to develop.

keyboard_arrow_up Knowing the Labor Market

Your approach to the labor market will be much more successful if you know what skills are most valued in the jobs and industries you are interested in, how the recruiting process works, the routes normally taken by professionals in the area, who the main players are and the trends influencing the sectors. You will have access to this and other more privileged information through contact with companies and former students on your visits to their facilities and participation in different events.

keyboard_arrow_up Preparing Marketing Tools

Being selected for an internship or for a job requires preparation and having the right tools. You can work on your resumé, your LinkedIn profile and your pitch and interview techniques. You will be able to practice and get feedback on your performance through a very practical approach.

keyboard_arrow_up Simulating the Recruiting Process in Different Sectors

You will be able to simulate the different stages in the recruiting process, with specialized trainers and business partners who will give you feedback so that you will be successful when it comes to the real thing.

You will solve business cases and get to try out a certain position, while practicing real life assessment moments.

keyboard_arrow_up Developing Networking Skills

"Networking isn't just an exchange of information, it's also a launch ramp to the creation of lasting and mutually beneficial relationships”. (Forbes) Connecting with others is the basis for gathering information and finding hidden opportunities. Become a networker focused on giving rather than receiving and develop a genuine interest in others.

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