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Career Award 2009

Carlos de Melo Ribeiro distinguished with the Career Award 2009

The Career Award 2009 was awarded to Carlos de Melo Ribeiro, current President of Siemens Portugal, SA, who completed his degree in Business Administration in 1977.

Carlos de Melo Ribeiro was chosen by a panel chaired by Manuela Ferreira Leite, and comprising Artur Santos Silva, Francisco Pinto Balsemão, Isabel Mota and Manuel Ferreira De Oliveira, who gave a brief presentation of the professional profile of the Career Award 2009 winner.

The Career Award 2009 ceremony was held on CATÓLICA-LISBON Day, with numerous personalities from CATÓLICA-LISBON attending. Among them was Sven Smit, renowned author, partner and responsible for the strategic area at McKinsey & Company. Sven Smit delivered a speech on the topic of "Strategy under Uncertainty".

The CATÓLICA-LISBON Day, organized by the Board of CATÓLICA-LISBON through its Alumni Office, with the support of the CATÓLICA-LISBON Alumni Association, finished with a cheerful cocktail where all the guests had the opportunity to get together with old friends and colleagues and expand their network of contacts.