What are the conditions for granting CATÓLICA-LISBON scholarships for the 2022/2023 academic year?

The above amounts refer to the brackets defined for 2022/2023. The amounts for 2023/2024 are subject to change.


  • Merit scholarships are awarded automatically based on the Application Average (60% High School Results and 40% National Exam Results in Mathematics A);
  • The averages for the awarding of scholarships are announced each year at the same time as the admissions results;
  • Students benefitting from the TOP + 2 years Merit Scholarship must maintain an overall average grade of 14 or more during their first year, as well as passing 58.5 ECTS in the first year in order to maintain the scholarship in the second year.

Other Supports

keyboard_arrow_up Bolsas de Ação Social da Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Social Action Scholarships at Universidade Católica Portuguesa

The Social Responsibility Office (GRS) at Universidade Católica Portuguesa supports students with economic difficulties through a reduction or waiver of fees. Learn more here.

keyboard_arrow_up Merit Scholarships Fund

The CATÓLICA-LISBON Scholarship Fund, which allows us to grant merit scholarships to the best talents that want to study at our faculty, is generously contributed to by Alumni & Friends of the school. 

keyboard_arrow_up Were you given a Merit Scholarship that you don’t need?

If you have been given a Merit Scholarship but you feel you don't need it and you would like to make a contribution, you can always donate it to the Social Responsibility Office, thus making it possible for a needy student to have the opportunity to come and study with us. This gesture of generosity will be acknowledged and you will still be able to enjoy the other benefits awarded.

keyboard_arrow_up Erasmus + Scholarship

Students who apply for the Exchange Program, the Double Degree or the International Tri-School Exchange can also apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship.