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Welcome Note

José Faias - Academic Director of the MSc in Finance

As the Academic Director of the MSc Finance, I welcome you to the program. CATÓLICA-LISBON has put together an exciting program for you, with state of the art content and a variety of pedagogical approaches to enhance your learning experience.

The curricula of the program have been developed to provide you with the tools and the knowledge to deal with management challenges and to maximize leadership opportunities in the field of finance while maintaining an ethical and cooperative attitude and a concern for social responsibility. Wearing the CATÓLICA-LISBON brand implies being an example of respect to your peers and your professor and a commitment of allegiance to the CATÓLICA-LISBON community.

The program prepares you for finance careers either at financial institutions or at non-financial corporations. The program is comprehensive in its content coverage, encompassing courses on business foundations, core finance courses on securities and capital markets as well as on the financial management of corporate entities, elective finance courses on various themes and career accelerator lab activities. Review the study plan carefully to learn its structure, components and rules; in particular, make sure you understand the minimum requirements for completion of the MSc Finance degree. It’s certainly a challenging study plan, requiring full commitment so you are able to complete it successfully.

To make the most of your experience at CATÓLICA-LISBON I also encourage you to get involved in students’ clubs  - such as the Finance Club – which pursues activities that increase your finance smarts, enlarge your network connections and improve your professional outlook.