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Summer Internship Program | FAQs | Students

1. How can I apply for Summer Internships?

1. Through careerNETwork, applying for specific job offers launched by companies. Check how to do it here.
2. Make unsolicited applications to companies you are interested in. Take advantage of linkedIn to get connected with people who is in charge of the recruitment processes and improve your chances of getting an interview! Use your personal network and the companies’ contacts in our platform!
3. Apply directly through companies’ websites and recruitment platforms! Take advantage of hints and tips about summer internships preparation we developed for you!

2. Which is the length of the Summer Internship?

Summer Internships should occur during the period with no classes, resulting in a maximum of 3 months. There is no minimum duration. In average, students have 2 months Summer Internship experiences. Still, the length of the internship is always negotiated by students and companies.  

3. Is it Paid?

It depends. This is an aspect defined by the company. There are some companies which offer salary while others don’t. 

4. The company asked for an agreement with CATÓLICA-LISBON. Is it possible to do it? How can I get it?

Some companies ask for an agreement with the school and we offer this possibility. The agreement is available in careerNETwork > Resources > Document Library > Keywords > Template:
Step 1 – Fill in the information about the company and your personal data (yellow fields)
Step 2 – Send the agreement to the Career Development Office (CDO):
Step 3 – We print and sign the protocol (3 copies)
Step 4 – You sign all 3 copies of the agreement
Step 5 – The company signs the 3 copies of the agreement
Step 6 – One of the copies is for you and another to the company
Step 7 – You deliver the third copy (in person or by post) to us
Step 8 – The student’s insurance for the summer internship is activated by CDO

5. Can I be involved in several recruitment processes at the same time?

Yes! You may face the need to decide between more than one offer. When you accept one of them, you must stand by that decision and renounce other commitments. Check the Code of Conduct and if you have any doubts on how to better approach this type of situations, you should seek advice from CDO.

6. Which other possibilities can I consider beyond Summer Internships?

It depends on your goals. We know, from previous years, that some students also consider, for instance, summer schools, helping in family business, volunteering, exchange or personal projects.

7. Is it mandatory to validate my Summer Internship?

It depends. Please check the requirements on the internship validation Guide: