Mentoring Program

Created in 2007, this program is a reference in the academic environment, contributing to the personal academic and professional development of Bachelor and Master students, through "one-to-one" contact with a CATÓLICA-LISBON Alumni - who will be their Mentor. This is a collaborative and sharing relationship of enormous mutual benefit.

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Benefits of the Mentoring: 

  • Opportunity for personal, academic, and professional development
  • Support in identifying and achieving goals
  • One-to-one support in your decisions during your degree or master's degree;
  • Learn more about market trends, career options, and opportunities
  • Increase and develop your network
  • Be closer to the world of work
  • Have an experience of self-discovery, of overcoming: "the Mentor helps the Mentee to "discover his/her wisdom". 



1. Who is the Mentoring Program for?

CATÓLICA-LISBON students, 1st, 2nd and 3rd year Bachelor's or 1st and 2nd year Master's students, who annually apply voluntarily to the program.

2. Who are the Mentors?
  • Alumni volunteers from CATÓLICA-LISBON, with a minimum of 7 years of professional experience;
  • Who have experience in various sectors (Financial, FMCG, Consulting, Energy, Software,...) and areas of activity (Marketing, Innovation, Financial, Commercial, Entrepreneurship,...), and may be working in Portugal or internationally.
  • Alumni willing to share and support young people in their development, defining their path (incluí defining porque senti falta de verbos antes das palavras), overcoming difficulties (acho que overcoming sozinho não resulta bem), and identifying goals;
  • Open to active listening, constructive feedback, instigating the right question that unblocks doors or uninstalls;
  • Alumni who wish to contribute to the formation (development) of new generations of young people and support CATÓLICA-LISBON.
3. Length - Commitment

Length: 7 months

From November 2023 to May 2024.

In October, the matching between the volunteer Mentors (M) and the Mentees (M) that applied for the program, is made. At the end of the month, both receive the information of this M&M matching. At the end of each Program edition, a survey is made, and M&M can renew their availability (and willingness) to continue the program for another year.

Note: In the 1st Year of the Bachelor, the program will start in the 2nd semester, February 2024 and will last 4 months.

4. How is the matching done?

The key to the success of the program lies in the care and commitment that is put into matching mentors and mentees, considering their individual profiles, goals, areas of interest and even - when possible - personality.,

5. Relationship Mentor | Mentee: M&M
  • The Matching - The Mentee will receive the referral and contact details of their allocated mentor and get in touch with him/her to arrange the first meeting;
  • Each M&M pair is expected to meet - in person or online - every 6-7 weeks. This relationship lasts for a minimum of 7 months (Nov to May) but may continue in the following years if so is desired by both.


CATÓLICA-LISBON cannot guarantee that all applicants will be matched with a mentor. The number of students that can participate in the Mentoring Program depends on the number of mentors available each year. We give preference to senior, master, and bachelor students. All students will receive information regarding their application to the program.

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