Mentoring Program

CATÓLICA-LISBON's Mentoring Program is a unique and innovative project that contributes to the personal development of Undergraduate and Master students through "one to one" contact with an experienced CATÓLICA-LISBON graduate - their Mentor - from the first moment they start their Bachelor or Master ‘s degree.

Key Program Figures

How it works

Participation is voluntary, both for mentees and mentors.

Each academic year new entrants in both the Undergraduate and the Master Programs are given the chance to apply for a mentor amongst the CATÓLICA-LISBON alumni base.

At the same time, former students with more than 10 years professional experience are invited by the Dean to be mentors. It is also possible to apply spontaneously, by contacting the Alumni Relations team directly.

The key to the program’s success is the care and effort that is put into matching mentor and mentee, considering their individual profiles, goals, areas of interest and even – when possible – personality.

Although it is expected that the mentee-mentor relationship lasts for the whole duration of the student’s academic program, the work they do together follows the ebbs and flows of the academic calendar. It is expected that each pair gets to meet – either in person or online - a minimum of 4 times, up to 8 times during a school year.

Are you in?

We hope so! Find out below the main reasons why you should join the program, which is an experience that will uplift you and help you deepen your self-awareness.

With the Mentoring Program you will be able to:

  • Be closer to the world of work
  • Increase and develop your network
  • Achieve a faster acquisition of practical knowledge​
  • Get support for your decision-making during your degree
  • Enjoy an experience of self-discovery


Read below to understand how the program works, its key moments, and read a document that we prepared especially for you, which includes several testimonials from mentors and mentees. Be inspired and participate!

The Mentoring Program has several moments that we would like to share with you so that your enthusiasm increases and nothing escapes you.  

1. All you have to do to participate in this program is click one of the buttons below and fill out the form. During the whole program you will have a person from Alumni Relations who will support you and will always be available for any questions or other situations that may arise.  

2. After your registration, we will select the Mentor that best fits your preferences and what you have shared with us. This is the "Match" moment.

3. This program will start with a kick-off moment or event.

4. After the event, we suggest you schedule a first session with your mentor. There are usually about 4 sessions per year, either in person or remotely. 

5. We will hold a closing event for the program with the mentors and mentees who participated. 

6. You can evaluate the Mentoring Program and help us build a better program in the end of each edition. 

7. You can always contact us again if you need to, just click here to email.