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To support the costs associated with studying abroad, consider researching for possible grants, scholarships to fund your time abroad. 

It is highly recommended that you search and apply for additional financial support from companies or public/private institutions and embassies that may have funds to sponsor study abroad students.

It is important, you do not calculate receiving possible scholarships or grants within your budget overview, as you can never be sure if you will actually receive them. If you do, see it as an extra income.

Erasmus+ Grant

The ERAMUS+ is a contribution to the costs for travel and subsistence during the period of study abroad. All students allocated to study in Erasmus+ Participant country are welcomed to apply.

The International Office will oversee the application process, meaning that the application and distributions process will happen internally, however, the Erasmus+ grant is financed by the European Commission, as a result, CATÓLICA-LISBON cannot guarantee that every eligible student will receive an Erasmus+ Grant. 

Selection Criteria 

Grant distribution is made according to students weighted average, the same average used in the selection process of Exchange Program Application (excluding Buddy Program points ).

Further information is available here Erasmus+ Program-

We have compiled in the table below, useful information on possible grants/scholarships that might be available for exchange students. Make sure not to miss the deadlines and submit all the required documents. (a)

Location Funding Eligible students  Information
Europe  Erasmus+ Grant All students that are going to study in an Erasmus+ participant country are eligible for an Erasmus+ Grant.



NUCB Scholarships Exchange students nominated for an exchange program at NUCB.


South Korea

Korean Government Scholarship Program Exchange students allocated in South Korea.





DUO-Singapore Fellowship Programme

The DUO-Singapore Fellowship Programme is awarded by the Singapore government to promote academic exchanges between full-time undergraduate students who are Singapore or ASEAN citizens and students from universities in European ASEM member countries.

The participating Singapore universities are Nanyang Technological University (NTU), National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore Management University (SMU) and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). Actual fellowships are administered by the respective universities

New Zealand


“Dream NEW” Scholarships" The scholarship will cover wholly or partially tuition fees for students undertaking a Study Abroad Programme in Semester One or Two in 2018 (details vary between the institutions)

(a) Please note that this information is the full responsibility of the grant provider. CATÓLICA-LISBON's International office cannot guarantee that the dates and procedures are updated. For accurate information please consult the sponsor website or contact directly via email or telephone. In the case of a Host University please contact the Host University's International Office directly.


1 Step

Appplication: upload of the requested documentation.


2 Step

Complete your Erasmus+ OLS language assessment (link sent by e-mail).

Before Leaving.

3 Step

1. Erasmus+ Grant Results (announced by e-mail).

2. Erasmus+ Mobility Contract signature (mandatory to all students).

1. Fall Semester: October/November.

2. Spring Semester: Before the mobility.

4 Step

Erasmus+ Grant transfer: 70% of the total grant amount is transferred to the account NIB that students provided during.

Upon 40 days after Erasmus+ Contract Signature.


5 Step

Erasmus+ Grant transfer: the remaining amount of grant is transferred to you upon the receipt of:

  • upload the Learning Agreement;
  • upload the Certificate of Stay;
  • delivery the Erasmus+ Report (link sent by e-mail).

Upon your arrival.

6 Step

Complete your Erasmus+ OLS language assessment (link sent by e-mail).

Upon your arrival.