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- Welcome Wine Tasting & Dinner
1h Welcome & Opening Session
3h Global Trends and the Wine Business
3,5h Deconstructing wine: the science inside the bottle and behind the label
3h Managing Wine Chemistry Post Fermentation
3h Sustainable Processing in the Winery
3h Achieving Vine Balance to Meet Winery Specifications
3h Vineyard of the Future
3h Planning Wine Tourism Destinations
3h Wine Marketing
3h Understanding Consumers Behavior: Challenges and Opportunities
2,5h Business Marketing and Brand Management
3h Sales and Customer Management
3h Wine Market & Distribution
3h Digital Wine Marketing
3,5h Wineries Management
3h Negotiation in Multicultural Context
2h Gatekeepers in the Wine Industry
- Closing Wine & Lunch

Seminários e Visitas

2h Wine Industry: Institutions, Players and Lobbies
3,5h Diversidade e Sustentabilidade da Vinha Portuguesa - Visita a PORVID
3,5h Visita Técnica à Herdade do Esporão (Reguengos: Enologia e Enoturismo)


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