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MSc | Career Path - Placement Statistics


100% of CATÓLICA-LISBON Master students finished their program having acquired professional experience. 23% dos alunos de Mestrado fizeram 3 ou mais estágios quando concluiram o programa.

27% of Master students acquired professional experience outside Portugal before or during their program.


Acquiring professional experiences during the program and the high quality of the students are two major factors taken into account by recruiting companies at the time of hiring:

  • 98% of CATÓLICA-LISBON Master students who decide to join the job market are employed within 3 months of completion of their program;
  • 84% of students are hired before they complete their degree;
  • 23% of students are placed outside Portugal.

Note: This information concerns graduated students in 2014, and was compiled from the CATÓLICA-LISBON Annual Placement Report.