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Strategic Management and Value Creation


Executive Education - Open Programs

Patrícia Rodrigues


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11th edition: starts on October 22nd, 2019

Schedule: download here

Classes: Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Language: This program will be taught in portuguese

Duration: 48 hours

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Program Description

Value creation is a key objective of Management. The ways to achieve it, by impressing shareholders and satisfying clients, suppliers, staff and other stakeholders, are becoming increasingly complex and difficult. Hence the importance of strategic management in companies.

GE is a program with an innovative format (see Methodology) which encapsulates the state of the art in strategic management, based on models and techniques validated by international scientific research (without wasting time on fads and myths) and, on the other hand, fully engaged in the practical application of these solid and concrete conceptual basis. Major theoretical developments have occurred in recent years in the field of Strategic Management, making many models and traditional frameworks incomplete, if not obsolete. GE incorporates these remarkable advances in science.

Built on experience and knowledge developed over a vast number of Executive Education programs held at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, GE provides, session to session, model by model, case by case, a unique and unforgettable experience of learning new ways of management and strategy, since the determination of the company's general orientation to the determination of the actual and interdependent contribution of the various functional areas for value creation.

The coordinator and lecturer of this course is the author of a paper on dynamic capabilities, which at the end of 2017 was in the top 10 of most cited scientific articles published worldwide since 2010, in the category of Strategic Management.

Main Benefits

  • An integrated and top-down management perspective;
  • A deep understanding of the value creation process;
  • The development of the ability to develop competitive strategies;
  • The strengthening of skills in integrating the different functional areas of management;
  • The improvement of persuasion and team work skills


The Strategic Management and Value Creation Program aims to develop advanced value creation capabilities through a completely new format, interspersing traditional sessions (theoretical lectures, practical exercises, case studies) with sessions involving a sophisticated value creation simulator (giving participants an immediate opportunity to apply the knowledge gained). This course assures the balance between the theory and the practice, by allocating half of the course activities to training in the simulator, thus, allowing participants to consolidate their competencies in a solid and (as it has always been referred in previous editions ) joyful manner. All cases used are about well-known companies with particular international relevance in the current business climate, which includes successful cases and cases of failure.

The Value Creation of State-of-the-Art

  • The New Logic of Value Creation;
  • Corporate, Business and Functional Strategies;
  • Core Competencies Determination;
  • Dynamica Capabilities View;
  • I/O Model;
  • Opportunity Formation;
  • Resource-Based Theory;
  •  Selection Theory;
  • Upper Echelons Theory;
  • Competitive Advantage: a New Perspective.



Charles Baden-Fuller

Strategy Subject Leader, One of the 54 Fellows of Strategic Management Society*, Cass Business School City University (London)
Gestão Estratégica e Criação de Valor
"Managers who take this course will find robust and useful frameworks, and find many practical and useful tools to help them in their work. "