Tourism Innovation Competition - "How to keep track of tourists?"

Wednesday, July 8, 2015 - 14:22
Tourism Innovation Competition

On June 2nd, The Lisbon MBA and Turismo de Portugal have jointly launched a worldwide competition of ideas - the Tourism Innovation Competition - which will reward the most innovative project to a solution on how to measure tourists’ behavior in the countries and/or cities they visit. This initiative aims the search and knowledge sharing within the Tourism sector in an effort to fill a management problem, the lack of information: You can only manage what you can measure.

Applications are open until August 31st! The three finalists will present their idea at a conference in Lisbon on September 18th. The winning idea will receive a prize of 10,000 euros or a 18,000 euros scholarship for The Lisbon MBA, and the other two finalists will receive two thousand euros each.

The Tourism Innovation Competition includes the following phases:
a) From June 2nd to August 31st 2015: Reception of proposals;
b) From September 1st to September 5th, 2015: Election of three winning proposals and exclusion of those who do not comply with the Regulation.
c) September 18th: Presentation of the proposals at an international conference in Lisbon, where the winner will be announced and the prizes delivered.

Let your ideas travel and send us your project! For more information visit or contact us through

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