Online Research Panel reaches the 10.000 participants target

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 11:45

CATÓLICA-LISBON’s Online Research Panel (ORP) has reached the 10.000
participants. ORP is an online management recruitment system that allows
online and in-person studies in the fields of Economics and Management.

Rita Coelho do Vale, Assistant Professor and ORP Coordinator, says that “since it
is a system with strong entrepreneurial potential, created inside the University,
it is a pleasure to reach the 10.000 participants target. This makes us a powerful
instrument for data collection in a diverse sample of the Portuguese

Created in 2015, ORP has been used since then to solve entrepreneurial
problems. The participants’ heterogeneousness is an advantage to correctly
represent the population, as well as provide high quality solutions to the
requested challenges.

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