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The Master of Science in Business provides non-business graduates a solid understanding of core areas of business management, as well as the knowledge, analytical tools, and soft skills necessary for a successful managerial career.



Foundation courses

The foundation courses are designed to provide you with a broad overview of management and an integrated view of activities of the firm.

Foundation courses and free electives for information only and subject to slight changes and/or to availability. For academic purposes, the only valid reference is your Study Plan provided by the Student Affairs office.

Free electives

Free electives can be used to broaden your knowledge in management, according to your specific career interests. CATÓLICA-LISBON offers a wide range of electives taught by our own faculty, prestigious invited lecturers, and top executives from the corporate world.

Leadership Lab

In Leadership Lab define your personal goals, industry preferences, and areas to work, and then select among 1) career and employment workshops, and 2) professional development workshops.

Career workshops include sessions on networking, CV and cover letter preparation, and interviewing. You have the opportunity to participate in realistic assessment center activities and to receive feedback from industry professionals.

The professional development workshops are designed to help you develop key competences, such as oral communication, emotional intelligence, managing energy and stress, self-knowledge and motivation, and negotiating effectively.

Exchange semester

To obtain valuable international experience, you can complete an exchange semester in one of CATÓLICA-LISBON's prestigious partner schools around the world.

Summer internship

Students are encouraged to complete a 1.5 month internship before or during the master program.

Thesis project

You will participate in a workshop designed to provide you with advice, resources, requirements, and useful tools to plan and write the research for your Master thesis. For many students, the thesis semester serves as an ideal bridge between academic studies and your professional career. As you complete your thesis, the Career Development Office is available to work with you on your job search and career planning. You should plan to work full-time on your dissertation for 3 to 4 months.


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