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GMAT Preparation Courses

CATÓLICA-LISBON offers GMAT Preparation Courses, which run between October and June. These courses aim to support potential MBA and MSc candidates, preparing students in a systematic and timely way in order to generate good results in the GMAT test.

To obtain the appropriate results from the course each candidate is expected to contribute 2 hours of individual work for each hour in class.

The Course consists of six sessions (three hours each) for the quantitative component and six sessions for the verbal component, held over a six-week period.

The Course may be taken in the form of just one of the components, involving six sessions in that component (verbal or quantitative)

All the courses end with a mock test lasting three hours, equivalent to a GMAT test, the results of which are made available immediately.

After the test, the professors are available to reply to questions participants may have about it. The courses' verbal component will be taught by lecturers from the IPL (Portuguese Languages Institute) and the math component by CATÓLICA-LISBON lecturers.

Course Dates 2018/2019




Mock Test

1st Course

Oct.8th 2018

Nov.21st 2018

Nov. 24th 2018

 2nd Course

Jan.9th 2019

Feb.14th 2019

Feb.16th 2019

3rd Course Feb.20th 2019

Mar.27th 2019

Mar.30th 2019

4th Course Apr.3rd 2019

May 16th 2019

May 18th 2019

5th Course

May 21st 2019

Jun.26th 2019 Jun.29th 2019

Note: These dates are subject to change.


  • Full Course: €690

One component only:

  • Verbal €385
  • Quantitative €385

These prices include support material, coffee breaks and a parking space.

Signing up

Sign up via this link.

Important notes

  • All sessions for all courses run from 7pm to 10pm;
  • The minimum number of participants per class is 10;
  • The verbal component for all courses is taught in English;
  • You are only formally signed up after payment has been made for the course;
  • Payment may be made by check or bank transfer. In the latter case please send an e-mail to request the bank account number to make the transfer to (NIB/IBAN).