Professional Testimonials

“The Portuguese society needs more organization and participation from the civil society due to the current economic context. Therefore, one of the main goals of LIDE is strengthening the thought, relationship and ethic principles of governance, in an independent manner, in order to promote the debate between entrepreneurs and companies, bearing in mind the creation of international connections and the participation of the national business world  as well as  its connection to other economies.

The program Leadership and Career Development for Women in Business from CATÓLICA-LISBON contributes to achieve these goals in a positive and inspiring manner. LIDE Mulher actively gives all the support to this program, defying everybody to learn how to accomplish things together.”

Margarida Sá Costa
President of LIDE Mulher

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Tânia Sousa


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Eunice Barata

Farmácia Dolcevita
Leadership and Career Development for Women in Business
"Fundamental notions are acquired for the exercise of power in organizations, such as the development of a network of contacts and the establishment of clear and resilient professional goals, so I highly recommend this program."