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Ana Jaques

IPP - Master Data Manager,
Programa de Performance e Controlo de Gestão

In the highly competitive global market in which we are inserted, the updating of knowledge in areas as relevant as Performance and Management Control become crucial. The excellence of the teaching staff demonstrated not only by the high degree of theoretical knowledge but also by their sensitivity to the business reality, stimulate us to improve the Performance and Management Control models rigorously and take into account the strategic objectives of the companies where we belong. The behavioral component provides us with tools and skills that allow us to gain an informal competitive edge as accessory elements in decision-making.

Cristina Reis

Head of Controlling
Programa de Performance e Controlo de Gestão

At a time when the economy is showing tenuous signs of vitality, with a consequent increase in uncertainty, and when markets have become very competitive, management control plays an extremely relevant role. This undeniable fact induced me to seek training that would not only allow me to update and consolidate my knowledge but would, if possible, also provide an opportunity to share experiences with professionals from other areas of activity. After verifying the types of training available in the market in this field and after some conversations with friends, alumni of the UCP, opting for the PCG was a natural choice. The program had a sufficiently broad scope and was rational and extensive. It was an excellent decision! The PCG approaches all the essential questions of Management Control, perfectly contextualised in terms of the environment in which companies operate today. The constant use of practical cases unequivocally supported the applicability of the methodologies presented. The diverse nature of the group favoured different perspectives and enriched the debate. This undoubtedly an excellent training program!  

Henrique Champalimaud

General Manager
Sorel, S.A
Programa de Performance e Controlo de Gestão

I was recently invited by the President of the Board of Directors to prepare myself to eventually assume greater responsibilities within the organisation. In about one year I had to prepare myself to become the General Manager of one of the Group's largest companies. I contacted an alumnus of the UCP, who is today a partner at one of the most successful companies in Portugal and one of the largest in my sector, and asked his opinion. He advised me to enrol in the PAGE. The simplest way that I can think of to define the results of my participation in the PAGE is that my transition to my new functions took place very smoothly on the part of the company, staff and myself. The need to further my knowledge with regard to Management Control induced me to return two years later, to attend the Program for Performance Management and Control and I am certain that I made the right decision at the right time, to be able to contribute towards a healthy growth for my company and towards the development of the nation.

Pedro Nunes Coelho

Administrador, Montepio Capital de Risco
Programa de Performance e Controlo de Gestão

In an environment of globalization and big business competitiveness, the knowledge and
continuous training are key factors in the success of any manager.

The option to attend PCG results in the necessity that I had to deepen the knowledge I had in Management Control, having chosen Catholic University of Portugal for their recognized merit and tradition. The balance between the theory and practice, allied to the quality and experience of the faculty, makes PCG a great choice for those who intend to implement the best market practices in this important management area.


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