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Cristiano Trinta

Brand Ambassador Portugal
Kering Eyewear
Programa de Marketing de Produtos e Serviços de Luxo

The program provides a comprehensive approach to the luxury sector. The modules are very interesting and very well articulated by the coordinators that encourage the sharing of experiences between participants and guest speakers. It is a very enriching experience that I recommend to any professional in the industry or who want to raise the approach to the industry in which they operate.

Francisco Franco Afonso

Managing Partner, CFGF Hotel Management Corporation
Programa de Marketing de Produtos e Serviços de Luxo

In an era of strong competitive evolution, CATÓLICA-LISBON innovates, creating a program tailored to the specific reality of a growing area with enormous potential: Luxury. The first edition had the virtue of presenting a curricular plan that brought knowledge and information to all tastes. We visited houses of reference like Ferrari or Montblanc. We received internationally recognized speakers from this area, successful national entrepreneurs on a global scale and scholars from the different business components. Finally, I cannot fail to mention that the level of participants, the range of shared experiences and business, along with sources of inspiration from all their distinguished professors, has created the environment for the national luxury market to gain new players soon!

Larissa Flores

Programa de Marketing de Produtos e Serviços de Luxo

CATÓLICA-LISBON was able to create a program that offers a clear vision, lucid and current about luxury's potentiality, directing the participants to the most relevant topics.

Luxury is seen without taboos and dazzle.

The exchange of ideas between the experienced faculty, valuable guests and colleagues from different areas, stimulates excellence and inspires us to belong to the amazing world of luxury.

Maria João Bahia

Designer de jóias
Programa de Marketing de Produtos e Serviços de Luxo

The Universidade Católica Portuguesa was a pioneer in organizing a program that gives an excellent perspective on an expanding market, the luxury market. What is luxury? How do you live it? How it feels? A very subjective reality analyzed in a program directed to a market with very particular characteristics, and growing. This new reality was addressed in a very professional way and the knowledge and information shared between teachers and students were very enriching.

Nuno Cardoso

Co-Founder and Creative Director
The Board
Programa de Marketing de Produtos e Serviços de Luxo

This program provides powerful insights and tools in a very specific industry but that can and should be references in all markets, in order to increase the value propositions. Apart from what we learn, we get to know very interesting people from different areas of training and professionals that are on the program with a lot of passion and enthusiasm, which in itself is a very enriching experience.

Sandra Raposo

Marketing/Retail Manager
Montblanc Portugal
Programa de Marketing de Produtos e Serviços de Luxo

The Marketing Program for Luxury Products and Services allowed me, above all, to consolidate and deepen my knowledge in an area that I've been working for 10 years.

I particulary consider enriching the oportunity that this program gives us to contact with some of the main players in the luxury market. The close contact with these players allowed me to acquire knowledge that for me is, without doubt, an added value that I can use in my day-to-day life.


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