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Ana Sofia Ventura

Medical Intern
Hospital Fernando Fonseca
Programa de Gestão para Jovens Médicos

At the present moment of permanent and unpredictable restructuring of the health area, it is required to doctors, along with the provision of quality health care, to have a broad understanding of medicine, particularly its socio-economic aspect , so that they can be active partners in leading the clinical management and the organizations in which they are integrated. In this sense, it is urgent to acquire new skills in the areas of management and economics of health care, management of people and teams, leadership, decision and anticipation of change.

The participation in YMLP, organized by a team and institution of excellence, was a great experience and I highly recommend it and not only gave me a good insight of these new skills required, as offered me a new perspective on what should be my role in the institutions of health: not just medical/operational but also critical element, creative and active in promoting positive change strategies, efficient, responsible and ethically acceptable, that benefits the patients, quality of service and the health system itself.

David Cordeiro Sousa

Ophthalmology Internal, Hospital de Santa Maria
Young Medical Leaders Program

I had the opportunity to attend YMLP during my common year, a few months before I had to choose my specialization. The success in Medicine is no longer - if ever was - one man science, but the result of a optimized collaboration network between everyone involved in healthcare services. Health Management is an essential part of that network, and the health facilities' managers share responsibility in the patient's best care.

Listen, understanding, thinking and exploring the course subjects, with an inspiring  and professional faculty, allows to develop a different vision and complementary, which will certainly influence our decisions in the future.

In a word: amazing!

Diana Penha

Radiology Intern, Hospital Professor Doutor Fernando Fonseca
Young Medical Leaders Program

In the present context of modern medicine, the challenges that the medical class has to face are not only in diagnostics and therapeutics, but extends to the field of management and leadership in a concept of a medical service of integrated quality with an effective control of the cost-benefit and protecting patients' best interest.

In fact, YMLP developed by a faculty of sublime quality and pedagogy, constitutes to me as a young doctor a fundamental structural base. It was through this executive program that I internalized and consolidated concepts of leadership, marketing, ethics and teamwork.

On the other hand, through specificities taught in Health Economy, Financial Models and Management Competences, I consider that this program allows a large capacitation in the development of a critical thinking, proactive and targeted to innovation for a doctor as a professional holistic.

Undoubtedly, I recommend and challenge all young doctors to change the thinking paradigm and accept the impulse of YMLP, assuming the learning, innovation and capacitation in a changing medical management.

Frederico Furriel

Assistente Hospitalar de Urologia
Centro Hospitalar de Leiria
Programa de Gestão para Jovens Médicos

Quando terminei o internato, apercebi-me que, apesar das bem exercitadas competências técnico-científicas médicas, me sentia pouco preparado para abordar outros desafios com que o médico moderno crescentemente se defronta: os desafios da gestão e optimização de um sistema de saúde cada vez mais exigente e em transformação constante. O curso YMLP pareceu-me uma excelente forma de abrir os meus horizontes para essas áreas, e foi uma aposta ganha. Pelo corpo docente entusiasta, pela interactividade das aulas, e pela partilha de experiências com os colegas, recomendo-o vivamente a qualquer jovem médico.

Magna Correia

Allergy and Clinical Immunology Resident
Hospital Central do Funchal, SESARAME. P.E.
Programa de Gestão para Jovens Médicos

The inherent challenges of the medical internship in Portugal are increasing. Indeed, it is common knowledge that it is required more to the Portuguese young doctors, a consequence of what has been a huge evolution of Medicine and the National Health System over the past few years. Constant challenges are thrown daily and suddenly we are asked to learn not only to be good practitioners, but also researchers, epidemiologists, mathematicians and managers. Managers of our clinical activities, of the material that we have at our disposal, of the physical spaces and of our own time! The Young Medical Leaders Program (YMLP) was for me the driving force I needed to follow this paradigm change. With this program I could understand many questions that hovered in my mind. Understand the progress and development of the National Health System in Portugal, as well as the Policy and Economics in Health, innovative concepts of leadership, marketing, ethics and teamwork. I believe YMLP enabled me tools that I will never forget and I will take with me to my day-to-day work. I challenge all the young doctors to accept the challenge of change and prepare to be the leaders of tomorrow!

Miguel Bigotte Vieira

Internal Nephrology, Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte
Young Medical Leaders Program

Young Medical Leaders Program is noteworthy for the updated contents, importance and  objectivity of the subjects addressed, with the guarantee of quality of Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics. It allowed me to study fundamental subjects to understand the organization of the portuguese health sector. It is notable the quality and enthusiasm of the selected faculty, that standout for their solid theoretical knowledge and practical experience in Health Management.


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